“Who says that something is impossible, should not disturb who are doing that.”

New instruments

I work according to the dictates of classical violin making, creating modern, baroque instruments and copies on request.
Always devoted to the study of the work of the great masters of the golden age of Italian violin making, I like to draw personal models, looking for new acoustic solutions for each musician’s needs.
The uniqueness and quality of my instruments are guaranteed by the use of top quality woods, personally selected and seasoned, and by the constant control of each construction’s phases, through careful and expert craftsmanship.

“A great violin is a living thing; his own form embodies the intentions of its violin maker, and its wood contains the story, or the soul, of those who have possessed followed. I can never play without having the feeling of having freed or violated these spirits.”

Yehudi Menuhin


I make restorations on the classical quartet instruments, using decennial seasoned woods, paying particular attention to save the nature of the instrument.

“The most beautiful piece of art of man is to be helpful to others.”



Maintenance and periodic inspection.

Construction of new instruments.

Restoration of the classical quartet instruments.

Expertise, trade-in and consignment of instruments and bows.

Bows maintenance.